American Dad back on the schedule

American Dad back on the schedule

According to The Futon Critic, FOX has decided to return American Dad to the broadcast schedule beginning this Sunday at its old time slot.

Sons of Tucson is being held for the Summer season where it will show at 7:30/8:30PM. The episode to air has yet to be announced but next up in production order was “Cops and Roger”. Thanks to Grande13 for the information.

7 Responses to “American Dad back on the schedule”

  1. Buckimion Buckimion says:

    I DO believe in fairies!

  2. Jim Jim says:

    Yay. Scary few weeks without it.

  3. Alexina Alexina says:


  4. Amdadfan Amdadfan says:

    Whoo!!! I`m so happy it`s coming back!! =)

  5. hudemx hudemx says:

    It’s about time FOX!

  6. sgtcook sgtcook says:

    Yay – although i still have to watch pretty much every episode after and including the Rapture one.

  7. samm samm says:

    GOOD! At least this means its future on FOX looks bright. So no Seth shows will be cancelled then… good!

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