Interactive Poster – 150 Characters Named

Interactive Poster – 150 Characters Named

Today we unveil a fun little project we’ve been working on. As you may or may not know, Fox released a poster celebrating the 150th episode “Brian and Stewie” recently, which featured 150 characters from throughout the show’s history.

We’ve tried to name every single character on the poster, turning the result into a fun interactive page for you – viewable here. As you’ll see, when you hover over a character’s face, their name is revealed along with a tidbit of information on who they are; this may include a memorable quote to jog your memory, or simply the episode(s) in which they featured.

You may also notice that not all characters have been named; some were just too obscure for us to remember! But that’s where you come in. If you spot any characters with “Unknown” as their description and you have an idea who they are, please contact us, and if we think you’re right, we’ll credit you on the page for everyone else to see!

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  1. JohnnyLurg JohnnyLurg says:

    The final “unknown” man must be Jeffrey, Bruce the Performance Artist’s potential boyfriend. He’s got the mustache and everything. If the Family Guy writers can have Bonnie Swanson give birth, they can definitely include an unseen yet occasionally heard character on this poster.

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