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UK: Make “Surfin’ Bird” Christmas Number #1

UK: Make “Surfin’ Bird” Christmas Number #1

Fans of Family Guy in the UK are running a campaign to make “Surfin’ Bird” the UK Christmas number one. The campaign is based on last year’s successful attempt at the same, in which RATM’s “Killing in the Name” beat the X Factor winner’s single to the number one spot.

Performed by The Trashmen, the song was sung by Peter Griffin in the Family Guy episode “I Dream of Jesus” and has since returned to popularity. The Facebook page has over 600,000 likes so far. Go here for links on where to buy the song, which is currently in the top 10 in the UK charts.

Thanks to visitor Sam Webster for the tip!

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7 Responses to “UK: Make “Surfin’ Bird” Christmas Number #1”

  1. John f John f says:


  2. haventuheard haventuheard says:

    Bird is the word. surfin bird by the trashmen. Download now people. Sticking it to the cowell!

  3. Steve B Steve B says:


    Purchase of “Surfin’ Bird” by the Trashmen off iTunes – 79p.

    Watch the smug grin getting wiped off Cowell’s face and hearing the bile pour forth about the cynical manipulation of the Charts to deny (yet another one of) his protoge(s) chart success on Sunday, 19th December – PRICELESS…!!

  4. andy andy says:

    I really do hope it gets there, or it was a waste of money spending my entire £15.00 iTunes voucher on 15 copies of the song :)

  5. Rob Rob says:

    Don’t buy more than 3 for yourself as they won’t count. iTunes will only let you buy one, but you can buy them as gifts I believe. For more info click here!/birdbirdbirdistheword. US and other international fans, you can use proxy uk servers to buy some too :)

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