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Promos: “New Kidney in Town” and “The Hand That Rocks the Wheelchair”

Promos: “New Kidney in Town” and “The Hand That Rocks the Wheelchair”

FOX has released 16 promo images for January 9th’s “New Kidney in Town” and “The Hand That Rocks the Wheelchair” airing January 16th 2011.

“New Kidney in Town”: Peter needs a new kidney after his energy-drink addiction causes renal failure. Meanwhile, Chris is chosen to introduce President Obama at school after winning an essay contest. Trouble is, Meg wrote the essay.

“The Hand That Rocks the Wheelchair”: Meg offers to check on Joe while Bonnie is out of town while Stewie attempts to become more evil.

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18 Responses to “Promos: “New Kidney in Town” and “The Hand That Rocks the Wheelchair””

  1. MonkeyTacoz MonkeyTacoz says:

    I can’t wait. :O

  2. DylanGeurts DylanGeurts says:

    Wow, i can’t wait for the Evil Stewie one O.o

  3. Patrick Patrick says:

    Has anybody noticed that barack obama’s appearance has looked completely different in all 3 shows?

  4. TudorRose TudorRose says:

    They both look good. I like the Brian Peter plot. Another reason I have to like Brian the dog. He’s willing to give peter a kidney. Now that’s loyal. Quagmire go to hell I don’t see you giving out kidneys.

  5. Lynsey Lynsey says:

    Wow, these actually look good! I’m glad Meg’s getting a plot of her own. And more evil Stewie will be great! I guess this season isn’t going to be so bad after all. Well, we’ll just have to wait and see, but I’m very excited for these episodes!

  6. Bobba Bobba says:

    My heart melted when I saw that picture of Brian hugging Peter. As usual I can’t wait to see these episodes. Lookin’ good so far.

  7. Marcus Marcus says:

    That was a great picture of Brian and Peter. I prefer the Peter and Brian relationship over the Brian and Stewie. I hope they bring more of that. I’m also glad Meg has her own episode and I also hope they will be good.

  8. Brian Brian says:

    I wonder will they reference Four Loko, the enegry drink that was banned in a couple US states? Seems like the perfect opportunity.

  9. Lynsey Lynsey says:

    I’m also looking forward to more Peter and Brian. Despite me being a total Brian and Stewie fangirl, I still love Peter and Brian moments. Also I gotta say that evil Stewie’s facial expression is awesome. lmao.

  10. Buckimion Buckimion says:

    I chuckle at the picture of Peter with the IV in his street clothes. Unless a patient is brought in unconscious, that isn’t SOP.

  11. Megan Megan says:

    These both sound really good! I’m glad Meg is getting a plot in both of them, and the heartwarming scenes with Brian and Peter look good. And more evil Stewie! I was waiting for that for a while.

  12. JohnnyLurg JohnnyLurg says:

    I’m just excited for Obama’s appearance.

  13. Koh Koh says:

    Can’t wait to see these; really looking forward to Brian/Peter, since Brian IS my fav. character and all =3!

  14. Babant Babant says:

    Can’t wait to see this.
    I’m wondering where will they go with the Bye Bye Birdie/Obama reference.

  15. Alex Alex says:

    Glad to see Stewie is trying to turn back to his evil roots. Good for him! …bad for everyone else.

  16. Jaymee Jaymee says:

    Family Guy is just so awsome, and I love every character so much.
    I can’t describe how much I’m happy that Meg’s the main character in the episode The Hand that Rocks the Wheelchair. I’m also thrilled to see the Evil Stewie.
    So nice for him to he back. I like Gay Stewie too, though. FG RULES!

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