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Family Guy Gets Miniaturized

Family Guy Gets Miniaturized

From February 17th, a new range of Family Guy mini figures will be available to fans throughout North America and Europe thanks to art toy group, Kidrobot.

Says Kidrobot via their website:

Kidrobot teams up with prolific animator Seth MacFarlane to bring you TV’s all-American but totally twisted and dysfunctional family known as the Griffins and their favorite New England neighbors.

Each of the adorable 3 inch figures will be blind boxed so you won’t know which character you’re getting and will retail for $9.00 in North America, £9.00 in the UK and €10.00 throughout Europe.

Images via Kidrobot.

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4 Responses to “Family Guy Gets Miniaturized”

  1. Lynsey Lynsey says:

    Haha, I love little Cleveland, Death, and Brian. I’m glad they’re available in Europe too. Though £9 seems a lot of money for just one.

  2. Bobba Bobba says:

    Not available in my country, but travelling to UK this spring so might get myself one there. :)

  3. Buckimion Buckimion says:

    $9 for a three inch figure? Pass. I’ll wait until they’re $2 on Ebay and you know what you get.

  4. cook879 sgtcook says:

    Cool but way to expensive

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