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Family Guy Celebrates it’s 200th Episode

Family Guy Celebrates it’s 200th Episode

While the episode won’t air for over a year or possibly two, Family Guy celebrated the creation of its 200th episode on Wednesday, September 7th with a party. In attendance were 20th Television Chairman Dana Walden, FOX Entertainment President Kevin Reilly, Chairman Gary Newman, Seth and the crew.

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8 Responses to “Family Guy Celebrates it’s 200th Episode”

  1. Scooby-Doom Scooby-Doom says:

    Congrats to everybody involved.

    I love that black banner, man.
    It would be cool to have a poster of that.

  2. Buckimion Buckimion says:

    I think that “0 FCC Fines” is a big middle finger to the PTC. :D

  3. Danielle Danielle says:

    I think Seth looks younger in these photos :) So cute <33

  4. Francis Francis says:

    what about those coca cola arts on the wall with FG characters on it?


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