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Family Guy: The Video Game



Release Date (US): October 16, 2006
Release Date (AUS): November 3, 2006
Release Date (UK): December 1, 2006

Developer: High Voltage Software
Publishers: 2K Games, Fox Interactive
Platforms: Xbox, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable

Genre: Adventure
Type: Single player
Ratings: ESRB: M; PEGI: 18+; OFLC: M
Playable Characters: Peter, Brian and Stewie
Levels: 22

Did You Know?: This game won the “Best Cast” Award at the 2006 Spike TV Video Game Awards.


gameshot3Where do I start? Well, anywhere really. You see, from the moment I saw Stewie’s nemisis Bertrum appear on the Griffin’s roof, destroying their sattelite dish, I was immediately drawn in. The game works like this: it’s like 3 seperate games. Firstly, there’s the whole Stewie/Bertrum fiasco, involving a little trip inside Peter’s testicles in a quest for – you guessed it – global domination. Then there’s the story of Brian searching for the real father of Sea Breeze’s second litter. And lastly, there’s the pointless yet entertaining tale of a very paranoid Peter Griffin attempting to seek revenge on the TV sitcom character “Mr. Belvedere”.

Ok, so by now you’re probably asking ‘Haven’t I seen all this before?’. Well, yes, you have, but if you’re a true fan of the show, you’ll easily be able to look past the lacklustre plot lines.

gameshot2Alright. So the gameplay. As soon as I picked up my joypad and controlled Stewie as he ran around the Griffin house, I knew I’d made the right choice in picking up this game. I cannot honestly pick out any bad points of the overall control system. The camera never fails to be where you want it to be. The characters are always very responsive.

The game seems to grow on you; at first you think to yourself ‘Good game!’, and by the time you reach about midway through, you will be setting time aside to retry those mini-games you failed first time ’round. Stewie’s adventure consists of puzzles including lazers and such and Brian’s has a large amount of stealth and sneaking. As for Peter, why not take a guess? It’s full of over-the-top, in your face ass-kicking! Each story regularly stalls in places, the gameplay being passed from story to story and back again thoughout the game, thus kept me very interested.

gameshot4As for the bad points, well, they are there of course, but subtle enough to forget about. These include many mistakes about the show (only a fan may notice them), including the evil monkey being in the closet in Lois and Peter’s room (what the..?!?) and Quahog 5 News being home to ‘Jolly farm review’, a children’s show which Stewie and Brian visited in London in the episode “Road To Europe”. Also, be prepared to get very frustrated in some parts of the game, especially towards the end. While the final bosses of each story are impressive, they are incredibly frustrating to compete with. Lengthwise, it’ll keep you going for a day or two, or about 4-6 hours in one sitting.

Stewie’s adventure was by far my favourite, with Brian’s at a close second and Peter’s being very average and downright annoying at times. I found the game at it’s most repetitive in Peter’s story. But would I recommend this game? For sure I would. Just make sure to have no high expectations at the beginning, as I hadn’t. Be warned – it’s no Final Fantasy or GTA. If you have no expectations, you will be very entertained. While I wouldn’t recommend buying it, if you’re in the mood for good, dirty (men chasing each other around shower rooms to name just one!), and downright hilarious fun, why not just rent this title? With an all star, full voice cast, hilarious jokes and responsive if slightly repetitive gameplay, you’ll be, as I am, glad you picked it up in the first place.

Rating: 6.5/10


Unlock All 22 Levels: To unlock all of the levels in the game, insert the following code at the main menu: Up, Left, Up, Left, Down, Right, Start.

Weapon Upgrades (Stewie)
Collect so many component parts and Stewart Gilligan Griffin will successively upgrade his implements of destruction:

  • 020 parts — Ray Gun (1) and Spread Shot (2)
  • 100 parts — Plasma Ball (1) and Spread Shot (2)
  • 200 parts — Plasma Ball (2) and Plasma Artillery (1)
  • 300 parts — Hyper Plasma Ball (1) and Plasma Artillery (2)
  • 400 parts — Hyper Plasma Ball (2) and Shock Wave (1)
  • 500 parts — Rocket Launcher (1) and Shock Wave (2)
  • 700 parts — Rocket Launcher (2) and Heat Seeking Warheads

On The Soccer Field (Peter)
Right before you enter the soccer field to face them soccer moms and kids, you can recover your energy by kicking the tree in the small fenced area outside. The third and seventh kicks will spawn traps and enemies, so just grab the items from the other kicks.


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