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House Plan

Ground Floor


Doors are marked with a thick black line

livingroomUndoubtedly the most widely-used room in the Griffin household, the living room is home to the family tv and the famous purple couch which has taken the brunt of the entire family since the beginning of the show. This room has been fairly consistent throughout the show’s running, seeing very little if any changes from season to season. The majority of the television related cutaway gags and family scenes occur here for obvious reasons.
kitchenStereotypically home to Lois Griffin, the kitchen, most noticably the kitchen table, is home to nearly every morning scene ever seen in the running of the show. It is in the kitchen that we first see some examples of Stewie’s sheer evilness, along with Peter’s sheer carelessness. This room is probably the most used room in the Griffin household next to the living room.
diningroomDon’t expect the dining room to be used unless the Griffins are having a guest over. This room has seen many different people walk through it. Not only did it showcase the death of Peter’s former boss Mr. Weed, but it is also the place in which James Woods finally confronted Peter in “Peter’s Got Woods”. The Griffins also throw game nights in this room, the most noticable of which was the Trivial Pursuit game night in which we learned just how mentally malnourished Peter Griffin actually is.
familyroomHardly even used by the family at all, the family room is home to the piano, the instument on which Lois gives her weekly piano lessons, and where Peter unveils his inner pianist while intoxicated. While different images of this room depict different objects within it, the family computer is also usually located here. This room doesn’t really contain any defining features, and is seldom used in the show at all.
garageApart from the room to the right of this level of the house, this room is probably the most least used or featured. Presumably where the car is usually parked, the garage was only featured in the episode “Saving Private Brian”, where Chris uses it as an area to practice with his heavy metal rock band, splashlog.

First Floor


bathroomAhh, the family bathroom. Not only did Peter unsuccessfully attempt topotty-train Stewie here, but it is also the place where he showed Meg that shaving a man’s back will make him “pur like a walrus”. Not only was he caught masturbating here, but Brian was also famously beaten to a complete pulp here by Stewie after failing to repay a debt he owed.
bed1The parent’s bedroom, also the place where Peter and Lois get intimate with one another, is home to a huge amount of hilarious scenes, including Peter and his father-in-law’s “Dawson’s Creek” attempt at making money, Peter’s static-electric attack on Lois, along with Lois dressing up as a McDonalds character to seduce Peter.
bed2Meg’s bedroom is home to Peter and Lois’ most outlawed child, the unfortunate seventeen year old everyone loves to hate. Meg can usually be found here talking to her stuffed animals about who she is attracted to and lying on her bed wallowing about her horrible life. Meg has also caught the rest of the Griffins snooping through her diary in this room on one occasion.
bed3Seldom featured on the show is Chris’ bedroom. Ths room features another computer, a television, a radio and games console. It is here where Peter and Lois discover Chris’ obsession with Maralyn Manson. This is also the room where Lois discovered that her first born son was incredibly well hung.
bed4Probably the most featured bedroom in the series next to Peter and Lois’ room, Stewie’s bedroom is home to Stewie’s cot, table and chairs, along with his many toys and instuments of global domination.